You might be the star of this series, but your bridesmaids will need to be happy also! We asked Somerset wedding photographer Simon Withyman Photography to help us put together our eight ways to maintain your finest women sweet during the wedding planning process, right up to the big day itself.

Give them choices
Give your bridesmaids with options. That way you’re effectively giving them their very own decision about what colour of dresses to choose or what hairstyle to do, however, bear in the constraints of what YOU desire most. If you want them the same, giving them choices to discuss means you’re not the bad man, and the unpleasant bridesmaid is. Or if you would like mismatched bridesmaids, much better! They could form their look.

Contemplate their budgets
Consider your bridesmaids’ financial scenarios before you begin making them purchase their dresses or arranging a hen weekend overseas. They’ll feel honoured that you have asked them to become a part of your special day, but it should not cost them an arm and a leg.

Make introductions
Establish a date night to get appropriate introductions involving your bridesmaids. They are your favourite girls, and you would like them to get together, and therefore don’t simply leave it to the hen night along with the real moment. Type out nights in and nights outside so the entire wedding celebration can bond.

No favouritism
Don’t have favourites, or make people vie to become your favourite. Nobody needs strain or jealousy between the bridesmaids. And if you will have a chief bridesmaid of maid of honour, make this clear from the beginning. Then, at the very least, other antiques have a port of phone beside you whenever they have any issues.

Believe how they feel
You can not neglect to consider how they feel. Yes it’s your day, and you’ve envisioned it a particular way, but be sure that you consider what they may not be saying out loud. Maybe they are uncomfortable with their dresses? Perhaps they believe you are giving them a lot of jobs? Consider your maids and always ask if they are okay.

Plan forward
Expecting them to lose everything since you call a crisis DIY craft night, or possess a wedding-related fear is not very fair. Organise things like that and allow your maids know on time — if they could make it, good, if they are already busy, do not be a bridezilla about it!

Provide options
Items like high heels can cause you to your bridesmaids look good on the afternoon but might prove painful by the day. Provide a comfortable choice like flip flops or apartments and your women will adore you for this.

Be generous
Shield them with entertaining and presents and gifts! Organise plenty of fun get together between wine and delectable snacks, and spoil them using particular bridesmaid gifts. Nothing will make them feel much more special than a private gift in you, the bride, and it’ll be an ideal keepsake from your wedding, also. In general, be the trendiest bride that you can be — handle your bridesmaids nicely, and they’ll return the favour!

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