A father’s pride at his daughter’s destination wedding!

From time to time a photographer will find himself in a situation where he is attending a family member or friends wedding and for once he won’t be the one taking the pictures. In this particular case Steven Brooks was at his daughter’s wedding and had, rather predictably, spent quite a bit of time keeping a watchful eye on the photographer at work. He is story of the day in his own words.


A year ago back in May my daughter was wed in a little hamlet in Tuscany Italy, in a romantic medieval fortress that sits atop of undulating hills above the village of Poppi. It was an amazing week, my daughter had a lovely wedding gown that was breathtaking and it was a fantastic evening. There’s nothing on this planet which could have prepared me for the pure emotion of the day as mentioned before. I thought I would have already been somewhat battle-hardened having photographed a lot of weddings.

That was not the case on the evening. I really like the pre-wedding photography where I’m quite involved recording private moments when the father prepares the children before the enter the church or when the mother has a few emotional moments with the bride before the ceremony.

Now, this Viking- a 6’3″ chunk of a huge bearded wedding photographer, viewing my child in her bridal gown for the very first time was an emotional experience. We were staying at the hamlet di Filetto Poppi, honestly the perfect place for friends and our families to remain. The rest of buddies and the family took off to the castle to prepare for the ceremony, and so I found myself virtually alone. Today was the moment to view my daughter, the wedding photographer wrapped on the doorway.

Discovering myself standing in the underparts of the stairway in their holiday residence the dread was killing me. After I walked down the stairs, I saw her in the dress, and I have to admit that I started crying. How could I help myself I suggest my eyes were filled with feelings at this much magnificent of vision before me. We embraced and got ourselves mentally prepared for the occasion that lay ahead.

There are monumental moments in our lives that stick to us for always, instants and it was one of them. I knew the evening would be emotional and the anticipation was too much to bear. The drive to the hamlet proved to be a one that was slow.

As it was after parking the car we were told by the organisers that the city manager, who was to perform the wedding service was operating late, hello we were in Croatia … but as always, as with every wedding, it all worked out and I shortly found myself strolling down the aisle having the most stunning and most amazing of children.

A magic moment and my eyes filled up, real men do cry!


You may have asked yourself this issue, yet to be sincere it had not been all that awful. The research had been carried out by my daughter and they did an excellent job on the evening. Was I watching and thinking, might I use that lens, that angle, be in that spot, sure I did but any photographic anxiety was sure taken over by the emotion of the day I may have had.

We as wedding photographers are distinct on the whole. We have our own methods and our own approaches that we take. Customers have a choice, and that is important.

So there we have it. Destination weddings can be incredbly difficult things to pull off but my daughter did me proud. I had some concerns about how the photographer would perform but again I had no complaints. A great trip and immensely satisfying, and also emotional, few days spent in Italy.



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