A Photographer recounts a years work

We like to hear personal stories about an individual’s personal experiences, especially so if it involves wedding photography. On this note, I am happy to say we’ve invited Clayton Jane Photography to share a few words on his experiences throughout 2016.

Where do I start?! What a year 2016, it seems like it went by in a flash but putting this site post together has made me realise how much I have been able to squeeze into 365 (oops 366) days! Looking through my weddings was like looking through a family gallery of my own, you guys are great, and I really like what I do more and more all the time just because I get to meet great people all the time.

Every wedding I’ve gone to has been unique, incredible, emotional, passionate, enjoyable….so thanks to all the brides and grooms for showing a little trust in me catch the best day of the lives. So here are a few words saying thank you. To all the amazing brides and handsome grooms, huge team effort and I absolutely ADORE being part of the team!

And a shout out to all of the beautiful venues that I have worked within 2016, you did well to offer the best service for the couples. I’m lucky to live. In a nation where there is an endless record of excellent sites only round the corner from everybody in every design and established up, you could maybe ever want.

I realise it’s the midst of March 2017 and I’m perhaps the former photographer in the nation to be sharing my 20-16 highlights, but it’s taken me this long to choose my absolute faves. It’s, therefore, difficult not to contain them all because I love all my partners significantly and every wedding has this type of personal connection in my experience to being there and sharing most of the unbelievable minutes! This year has also been important for other reasons too. I have decided to get a new website built, and it looks great. I’m happy with how it has turned out and can’t wait for all my current and future clients to have a nosey at it.

Thanks again to their guests and every one of the couples!


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