A Wedding On The Adriatic

A picture paints a thousand words and there is nothing more romantic than a destination wedding!

So where do you go for your perfect destination wedding?

What is the perfect place for a European wedding?

Well we invited Phil from The Cardiff Wedding Photographer to share some words on one of his favorite destinations for a wedding. Phil has traveled extensively and is also a vastly experienced photographer. In short, when Phil speaks we listen!

If you want a dream wedding by the sea, then look no further than The Adriatic. The spotlight location for this article is Croatia and who can blame us? This rustic country charm, historical sites and great food have attracted travellers for years and only now is it awakening from its economic slumber by hosting festivals all summer long. Revelers fly out and spend a week basking in the sunlight and bathing in gorgeous blue waters that straddle coastline all the while they listen their favorite bands and DJ’s. It is no wonder then that a country that can provide for those types of events will do doubt have an abundance of options for couples wishing to get married abroad.

The diversity of setting on offer in this incredible country is something to behold. I’ve seen couples sail to the Wedding venue and others enter into wedlock on the cobbled streets of an old Croatian town. Some companies can cater to all your needs, and wherever you choose to hold your wedding in this stunning country, you can be sure it will be an amazing experience.

There are many ways in which you can experience this remarkable country and why not hang around to sample it in more depth for your honeymoon after your big day? It will save you a lot of money, and you will no doubt have an experience of a life time.

My top three locations for you to consider in Croatia are as follows;

1. Dubrovnik

Steeped in history and architecturally stunning Dubrovnik regularly gets accolades for its charm and picturesque setting and in my view quite justifiably so.

2. Plitvice Lakes

This is the spot for those that want their wedding to be close to nature. The mesmerising beauty of Plitvice Lakes is something that will stay for you for some time, and it’s easy to understand why this is a major hit with the tourists.

3. Split

Another place for the history buffs. Split has a wealth of Roman ruins worth checking out, and it’s also the second largest city in Croatia. It’s the place where people go to access the surrounding islands so if you planning a more extensive trip Split could be the perfect place to hold your wedding.

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