11 Must items for a Groom’s Wedding Emergency Kit

At the dawn of the wedding, most grooms arrive together with the essentials: a tuxedo, the wedding rings, along with a few dressing principles. But despite meticulous preparation, accidents do occur, and it is critical to be ready for any unforeseen situation in your big moment. The same as the bride that packs a wedding emergency kit, the groom needs to be ready together with his very own stash of must-haves. We asked Bristol based wedding photographers Shutter Bliss Photography to help us to create our 11 things the groom should have with him for his big moment.

Stain Removers
Nothing spoils wedding photos over a wine stain on a shirt collar. Expect any spills, splatters, and smears by bringing together stain remover wipes. Employ the Eliminator when possible to the blot–after testing it onto inconspicuous place–for the very best possibility of eradicating it.

Wardrobe Fixes
Even the most expensive tuxedos may have a loose button or a diminished hem. Pack a mini sewing kit so that you–or your mother–will be in a position to instantly fix any wardrobe malfunction. Just be certain that the kit includes all of the requirements, such as needles, additional upper buttons, thread, safety pins, and hem tape.

Extra Cuff Links
A terrific set of cuff links elevates any wedding outfit. You will want to bring in an additional pair if one drops out through your ceremony or reception, or at case among your groomsmen forgets to pack his very own.

Lint Brush
White lint appears strikingly vibrant on black clothes. Maintain your tuxedo is looking clean and crisp with the support of a convenient lint roller.

Most grooms wind up breaking into a sweat before their service, whether it’s from the big day nerves or even a scorching hot summer warmth. Pack an excess stick of deodorant to prevent both perspiration stains and awful smells.

From an upset stomach to your pounding headache, sudden health problems will place a damper on some groom’s disposition. Bring pain-relieving medication, an antacid, and allergy drugs (if desired) into the place, to be able to prevent troublesome symptoms.

Breath Fresheners
This pre-ceremony glass of whisky will linger in your breath. Freshen up before walking down the aisle with a quick swirl of toothpaste. Maintaining a spare toothbrush, toothpaste, mints, and bleach on hand is not a bad idea, either.

Extra Black Socks
Envision stepping in a puddle and then spending your wedding day using uncomfortably wet socks. Always pack a few spare pairs, just in case. The backup pair may also save any forgetful groomsmen who arrive at your wedding wearing grotty horrible socks! If you’re looking for some great sock ideas we love these from Not On The High Street so take a look!

Shoe Shine Wipes
Scuffed shoes stand out like a sore thumb in wedding photographs. Before the big day, get a shoe shine kit to the particular colour and manner of footwear you will be donning for your ceremony. Before walking down the aisle, then touch up your loafers if necessary.

Should you expect to acquire teary-eyed seeing the bride walk down the aisle, then contemplate stashing a handkerchief on your tuxedo. The square of cotton also functions for blotting perspiration and wiping your nose, and it seems classier than the plastic pack of cells.

Even if you paid for your wedding ahead of time, sellers should still get a decent tip before going home. Unless you have made other arrangements, take enough money to trick the DJ, limousine driver, secretary, bartender, and some other big-day helper.

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You might be the star of this series, but your bridesmaids will need to be happy also! We asked Somerset wedding photographer Simon Withyman Photography to help us put together our eight ways to maintain your finest women sweet during the wedding planning process, right up to the big day itself.

Give them choices
Give your bridesmaids with options. That way you’re effectively giving them their very own decision about what colour of dresses to choose or what hairstyle to do, however, bear in the constraints of what YOU desire most. If you want them the same, giving them choices to discuss means you’re not the bad man, and the unpleasant bridesmaid is. Or if you would like mismatched bridesmaids, much better! They could form their look.

Contemplate their budgets
Consider your bridesmaids’ financial scenarios before you begin making them purchase their dresses or arranging a hen weekend overseas. They’ll feel honoured that you have asked them to become a part of your special day, but it should not cost them an arm and a leg.

Make introductions
Establish a date night to get appropriate introductions involving your bridesmaids. They are your favourite girls, and you would like them to get together, and therefore don’t simply leave it to the hen night along with the real moment. Type out nights in and nights outside so the entire wedding celebration can bond.

No favouritism
Don’t have favourites, or make people vie to become your favourite. Nobody needs strain or jealousy between the bridesmaids. And if you will have a chief bridesmaid of maid of honour, make this clear from the beginning. Then, at the very least, other antiques have a port of phone beside you whenever they have any issues.

Believe how they feel
You can not neglect to consider how they feel. Yes it’s your day, and you’ve envisioned it a particular way, but be sure that you consider what they may not be saying out loud. Maybe they are uncomfortable with their dresses? Perhaps they believe you are giving them a lot of jobs? Consider your maids and always ask if they are okay.

Plan forward
Expecting them to lose everything since you call a crisis DIY craft night, or possess a wedding-related fear is not very fair. Organise things like that and allow your maids know on time — if they could make it, good, if they are already busy, do not be a bridezilla about it!

Provide options
Items like high heels can cause you to your bridesmaids look good on the afternoon but might prove painful by the day. Provide a comfortable choice like flip flops or apartments and your women will adore you for this.

Be generous
Shield them with entertaining and presents and gifts! Organise plenty of fun get together between wine and delectable snacks, and spoil them using particular bridesmaid gifts. Nothing will make them feel much more special than a private gift in you, the bride, and it’ll be an ideal keepsake from your wedding, also. In general, be the trendiest bride that you can be — handle your bridesmaids nicely, and they’ll return the favour!

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Wedding Report: Santorini

I’ve just returned from a beautiful wedding on The White Isle, Santorini, and wanted to share a few words on why this destination is such a perfect choice for weddings. The searing beauty of this island is something to behold. Traditional buildings almost glowing in the sunlight with the sea blue sky in the background is a photographers dream. So here are three reasons to book your holiday in Santorini.

  1. The Views

Positioned on the crest of a huge sunken caldera the views literally could not be better. The main town nestles at the highest point of the island providing views so gorgeous that they almost burn into your retina. I still have a photographic-like memory of my trip there. In the centre of the caldera. Is another smaller extinct volcano that adds to the uniqueness of the place.

2. Packages

You would be forgiven for thinking that wedding in a place as pretty as Santorini would cost an arm and a leg but you would very, very surprised when you see the prices. Not only will these packages save you a fortune but they will also take some of the stress of you because they will literally deal with everything; from the venue hire, to the music, the food you name it they’ve of it covered. When you consider the cost of a decent venue in the UK can cover a whole package in Santorini it’s a bit of no brainer.

3. Activites

If you feel up to it there’s plenty to do on the little island. There’s a great wine tasting tour if you’re into that sort of thing which I highly recommend. If you feel like going for dive in the caldera there’s also a number of Scuba diving companies willing to make it happen. Also if you’re  a bit of a history buff there’s an excellent excavation site that has an active dig to uncover old Minoan artefacts that are buried under the volcanic ash that also brought to an end the Minoan civilisation.

Words By Daniel Charles @ Daniel Charles Photography


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Choosing The Best Cake For You!

Getting the right cake for your wedding can be tricky job. First, you go to Google and start jotting g down all the suppliers, then there’s the arduous task of calling them all and booking tasting sessions (which can, of course, be nice) and then it’s decision-making time. Do you go for tastiest and most expensive one, or do you try cut costs and put that money elsewhere. If truth be told the cake is usually low on the list of priorities for most couples. The venue, food, dress and music are surely the more important elements of anyone’s big day but that doesn’t mean you should neglect getting the best cake for you. here are a few tips I’ve put together to help you out.

Collaboration Is Key!

It may sound a bit odd but why not ask your florist if they are willing to hook up and share some design ideas with your cake maker. This can be very nice touch when it’s done correctly. But why not give it a go. If they can’t agree on a productive collab then you haven’t lost anything. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say!

Put It On Display!

Some couples prefer to keep the cake hidden away until later in the evening and that can work but I’ve always preferred to see the cake on display. At some weddings where they’ve had a particularly beautiful looking cake they chose to make it the centrepiece of the reception. I like it and wish more couples would do the same.

Consider The Weather

This may seem like an obvious point but I still feel it’s worth pointing out having witnessed on more occasions than necessary the melting of a beautifully crafted cake in the searing sunlight of some tropical location. It’s certainly pertinent for those having destination weddings where the mercury level is higher than a soft, creamy cake can handle. Have a chat with cake maker and see what they can do to ensure a wedding meltdown doesn’t occur.

…So What About Afters?

I recently enjoyed a slice of tasty wedding cake on a beach in Spain the day after the wedding. It was a nice touch by the bride and groom to bring the leftovers down while we all sunned ourselves. This isn’t the norm and I’ve heard of couples taking their cake away on their honeymoon and enjoying it on the first week or month anniversary.


Words By Ann @ Ann Lewis Photography



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Is a wedding abroad the right thing for you?

It seems everyone has their weddings overseas these days. In the last year alone I’ve been to Mallorca and Santorini and have another in France coming up. It’s great for guests who not only get to enjoy their friends big day but get a holiday to boot. I was curious about the benefits of these weddings and asked around to get an idea about the motivation of people seeking their big day abroad.

The first thing I always hear is that it’s much more cost-effective. From venues to wedding planners, wedding cakes and catering all coming in at way under the cost offered to us in the rip-off Britain we know and sometimes love.

You just have to make a few enquiries at some of the popular wedding venues in your area and what you will find is that the cost for the venue would likely cover an all-in-one package in some beautiful location in the sun. At this point, it becomes clear why destination weddings are on the up.

A common theme in the conversations I’ve had with couples who married abroad is that they felt it gave them great opportunity to realise a dream of a picture postcard wedding, be it in the vineyards of the south of France or the searing beauty of white stoned Santorini. You can understand why these weddings may have seemed unattainable to some and why when looking at the cost saving people are ready to go for it.

As stated above the all-in-one packages the venues offer often have the useful and all too welcome by-product that being the alleviation of pressure and stress from the bride & grooms to be. Most things are taken care of in these packages with the result being a wedding that much more of a relaxing holiday rather than a rushed and anxious experience for all involved.

Words By Caroline White Photography

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12 REALISTIC Approaches To Cut Prices In Your Wedding Day

It’s all about the money, isn’t it? Of course if we had a blank cheque to spend on our wedding day then we could do wild but unfortunately, it’s only the very lucky that are bestowed with that kind of wealth. We invited Geoff from Geoff Love Photography to give us some tips on how to keep costs down on your wedding day.

You might not be much of deal seeking bride or a DIY diva; however, you will find many ways you can cut costs on your wedding day that do not include glitter and plywood. All these are a few of my favourite money-saving hints which actually don’t need all that much attempt (mainly), only some practical decision making. Useful hats on afterwards, women…


  1. Select wedding providers that are local to avoid paying additional travel expenses to allow one to see them to make arrangements and for them to attend your wedding.


  1. Getting your wedding on Sunday or a weekday can cost significantly less than a Saturday. The season you select additionally plays an important function in ordering price.


  1. Food is among the largest expenses of your wedding. The most famous structure of decent wedding breakfast is an alternative that is expensive. Consider getting your wedding in the day to ensure it is just required to offer one meal to your visitors.


  1. Consider options to the fizzy material for the drinks reception. Pimms is excellent in summer, and warm cider or mulled wine in winter – all alternatives that are more affordable.


  1. There are several very nice tricks such as having a limited menu or restricted first times to maintain the prices down, in the event you are covering the pub bill. One great option would be to ensure that your guests are inhabited in areas aside from amusement, the bar, an excellent soundtrack or some exciting games work wonders.


  1. Also have an early wedding followed by cocktail and canapes for the guests and instead of a French, and just have the wedding party as well as close family to get a formal meal at night.


  1. If you are choosing the one meal choice, take a look at local eateries. They are usually considerably better worth than ‘wedding sites’ since it is unlikely you will pay along with the catering prices for venue hire.


  1. If you are getting married in a church, check if it is possible to talk about the amount being spent on a church blooms with other couples who did church weddings. P.s get married at Easter or Christmas as well as the church will likely be dressed magnificently already!


  1. Serve your wedding cake. You can purchase superb cutting cakes; you do not need to cut it all up. Given that they will do the helping you will also negotiate this together with your caterer.


  1. Print and write your personal invitations. YOU DON’T need to be a dab hand at DIY to pull off this one; there are millions of printables that are awesome out there these days that you can personalise in your personal computer then print out onto semi fine card. Obtain an excellent pen and get writing. It’s going to save you TONS of cash.


  1. Choose two kinds of bloom or just one. They get cheaper the more you order since flowers can be bought in mass. Having arrangements makeup of merely several preferred forms of blooming can not only appear super chic but cost less than having a complex arrangement of 12 distinct varieties of blossom.


  1. Drop the ones that are a plus. Address invitations to JUST who’s invited to the wedding and allow it to be clear there isn’t any room for additional ones as a result of the size of the site. Fleeting boyfriends you have only met or work buddies’ partners you only ever see in the Christmas do simply do not make the cut.
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