A Wedding On The Adriatic

A picture paints a thousand words and there is nothing more romantic than a destination wedding!

So where do you go for your perfect destination wedding?

What is the perfect place for a European wedding?

Well we invited Phil from The Cardiff Wedding Photographer to share some words on one of his favorite destinations for a wedding. Phil has traveled extensively and is also a vastly experienced photographer. In short, when Phil speaks we listen!

If you want a dream wedding by the sea, then look no further than The Adriatic. The spotlight location for this article is Croatia and who can blame us? This rustic country charm, historical sites and great food have attracted travellers for years and only now is it awakening from its economic slumber by hosting festivals all summer long. Revelers fly out and spend a week basking in the sunlight and bathing in gorgeous blue waters that straddle coastline all the while they listen their favorite bands and DJ’s. It is no wonder then that a country that can provide for those types of events will do doubt have an abundance of options for couples wishing to get married abroad.

The diversity of setting on offer in this incredible country is something to behold. I’ve seen couples sail to the Wedding venue and others enter into wedlock on the cobbled streets of an old Croatian town. Some companies can cater to all your needs, and wherever you choose to hold your wedding in this stunning country, you can be sure it will be an amazing experience.

There are many ways in which you can experience this remarkable country and why not hang around to sample it in more depth for your honeymoon after your big day? It will save you a lot of money, and you will no doubt have an experience of a life time.

My top three locations for you to consider in Croatia are as follows;

1. Dubrovnik

Steeped in history and architecturally stunning Dubrovnik regularly gets accolades for its charm and picturesque setting and in my view quite justifiably so.

2. Plitvice Lakes

This is the spot for those that want their wedding to be close to nature. The mesmerising beauty of Plitvice Lakes is something that will stay for you for some time, and it’s easy to understand why this is a major hit with the tourists.

3. Split

Another place for the history buffs. Split has a wealth of Roman ruins worth checking out, and it’s also the second largest city in Croatia. It’s the place where people go to access the surrounding islands so if you planning a more extensive trip Split could be the perfect place to hold your wedding.

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How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Date

This is one of the most important details when it comes to organising a wedding. Most couples start planning their wedding around 18 months before their big day. This gives them plenty of time to get those special venues in far-flung places boxed off after-all they are in high demand and are often booked up far in advance. We’ve invited Andrew from Andrew Boschier Photography to share a few thought on the matter.

Here are some tips towards choosing the perfect date.

1. Seasonality demands significant consideration. You need to know what your theme will be and what country the wedding is going to be. Do you want a tropical themed wedding? Then make sure it’s slap bang in the middle of summer where your planning on having the wedding. Piña Colada’s and rain don’t mix that’s for sure.

2. Time of year will obviously affect the budget. Greater discounts are to be had in the off-season where it is you may wish t have the wedding. Great venues will look good all year round and if the management and the building are versatile enough will be able to adapt the venue to suit the weather. Point being will be some great locations up for grabs if you do wish to have your big day in the off-season.

3. Symbolism is becoming increasingly incorporated into wedding planning. Be it choosing a date that you met your partner or a date that celebrates some other event that is important to either you as a couple or to your family.

4. The holiday periods throughout the year can throw up endless possibilities for locations and themes. We’ve been to weddings right bang in the middle of the Christmas celebrations in New York and even in Dublin on St Patricks Day. It’s an interesting way to make your wedding all the more special.

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Pre-Wedding Photos @ Whitley Bay

This beautiful pair took their vows at one of my favourite wedding venues. The Chevin Country Park Hotel in Otley, Yorkshire, has been a place I’ve visited to shoot weddings on many occasions. I’ve been in the process of editing their wedding photo’s, but while the lovely couple waits on those, I wanted to share a few pictures I took from their engagement.

It wasn’t the best conditions that day in Whitley Bay but it didn’t dampen this couples spirit and they decided to continue with their engagement shoot wind, rain or shine and I was more than happy to fulfil my obligations to them.

The couple had only booked their wedding four months before and to my surprise had managed to get everything organised without a hitch. As anyone that’s been married can attest the process of making sure everything is in order, from the venue getting decorated how you wanted to the dress looking fabulous, can be an extremely stressful job, so my hat goes off to these two. Well done lexie & Jamie!

So the engagement photo’s didn’t have the beautiful scenery provided by a sunny day on Whitley Bay but I enjoyed shooting these two, and it was evident to me at that point that they are both madly in love!

Words by Warren @ Howell Jones Photography

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A Photographer recounts a years work

We like to hear personal stories about an individual’s personal experiences, especially so if it involves wedding photography. On this note, I am happy to say we’ve invited Clayton Jane Photography to share a few words on his experiences throughout 2016.

Where do I start?! What a year 2016, it seems like it went by in a flash but putting this site post together has made me realise how much I have been able to squeeze into 365 (oops 366) days! Looking through my weddings was like looking through a family gallery of my own, you guys are great, and I really like what I do more and more all the time just because I get to meet great people all the time.

Every wedding I’ve gone to has been unique, incredible, emotional, passionate, enjoyable….so thanks to all the brides and grooms for showing a little trust in me catch the best day of the lives. So here are a few words saying thank you. To all the amazing brides and handsome grooms, huge team effort and I absolutely ADORE being part of the team!

And a shout out to all of the beautiful venues that I have worked within 2016, you did well to offer the best service for the couples. I’m lucky to live. In a nation where there is an endless record of excellent sites only round the corner from everybody in every design and established up, you could maybe ever want.

I realise it’s the midst of March 2017 and I’m perhaps the former photographer in the nation to be sharing my 20-16 highlights, but it’s taken me this long to choose my absolute faves. It’s, therefore, difficult not to contain them all because I love all my partners significantly and every wedding has this type of personal connection in my experience to being there and sharing most of the unbelievable minutes! This year has also been important for other reasons too. I have decided to get a new website built, and it looks great. I’m happy with how it has turned out and can’t wait for all my current and future clients to have a nosey at it.

Thanks again to their guests and every one of the couples!


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A father’s pride at his daughter’s destination wedding!

From time to time a photographer will find himself in a situation where he is attending a family member or friends wedding and for once he won’t be the one taking the pictures. In this particular case Steven Brooks was at his daughter’s wedding and had, rather predictably, spent quite a bit of time keeping a watchful eye on the photographer at work. He is story of the day in his own words.


A year ago back in May my daughter was wed in a little hamlet in Tuscany Italy, in a romantic medieval fortress that sits atop of undulating hills above the village of Poppi. It was an amazing week, my daughter had a lovely wedding gown that was breathtaking and it was a fantastic evening. There’s nothing on this planet which could have prepared me for the pure emotion of the day as mentioned before. I thought I would have already been somewhat battle-hardened having photographed a lot of weddings.

That was not the case on the evening. I really like the pre-wedding photography where I’m quite involved recording private moments when the father prepares the children before the enter the church or when the mother has a few emotional moments with the bride before the ceremony.

Now, this Viking- a 6’3″ chunk of a huge bearded wedding photographer, viewing my child in her bridal gown for the very first time was an emotional experience. We were staying at the hamlet di Filetto Poppi, honestly the perfect place for friends and our families to remain. The rest of buddies and the family took off to the castle to prepare for the ceremony, and so I found myself virtually alone. Today was the moment to view my daughter, the wedding photographer wrapped on the doorway.

Discovering myself standing in the underparts of the stairway in their holiday residence the dread was killing me. After I walked down the stairs, I saw her in the dress, and I have to admit that I started crying. How could I help myself I suggest my eyes were filled with feelings at this much magnificent of vision before me. We embraced and got ourselves mentally prepared for the occasion that lay ahead.

There are monumental moments in our lives that stick to us for always, instants and it was one of them. I knew the evening would be emotional and the anticipation was too much to bear. The drive to the hamlet proved to be a one that was slow.

As it was after parking the car we were told by the organisers that the city manager, who was to perform the wedding service was operating late, hello we were in Croatia … but as always, as with every wedding, it all worked out and I shortly found myself strolling down the aisle having the most stunning and most amazing of children.

A magic moment and my eyes filled up, real men do cry!


You may have asked yourself this issue, yet to be sincere it had not been all that awful. The research had been carried out by my daughter and they did an excellent job on the evening. Was I watching and thinking, might I use that lens, that angle, be in that spot, sure I did but any photographic anxiety was sure taken over by the emotion of the day I may have had.

We as wedding photographers are distinct on the whole. We have our own methods and our own approaches that we take. Customers have a choice, and that is important.

So there we have it. Destination weddings can be incredbly difficult things to pull off but my daughter did me proud. I had some concerns about how the photographer would perform but again I had no complaints. A great trip and immensely satisfying, and also emotional, few days spent in Italy.



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