Choosing The Best Cake For You!

Getting the right cake for your wedding can be tricky job. First, you go to Google and start jotting g down all the suppliers, then there’s the arduous task of calling them all and booking tasting sessions (which can, of course, be nice) and then it’s decision-making time. Do you go for tastiest and most expensive one, or do you try cut costs and put that money elsewhere. If truth be told the cake is usually low on the list of priorities for most couples. The venue, food, dress and music are surely the more important elements of anyone’s big day but that doesn’t mean you should neglect getting the best cake for you. here are a few tips I’ve put together to help you out.

Collaboration Is Key!

It may sound a bit odd but why not ask your florist if they are willing to hook up and share some design ideas with your cake maker. This can be very nice touch when it’s done correctly. But why not give it a go. If they can’t agree on a productive collab then you haven’t lost anything. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say!

Put It On Display!

Some couples prefer to keep the cake hidden away until later in the evening and that can work but I’ve always preferred to see the cake on display. At some weddings where they’ve had a particularly beautiful looking cake they chose to make it the centrepiece of the reception. I like it and wish more couples would do the same.

Consider The Weather

This may seem like an obvious point but I still feel it’s worth pointing out having witnessed on more occasions than necessary the melting of a beautifully crafted cake in the searing sunlight of some tropical location. It’s certainly pertinent for those having destination weddings where the mercury level is higher than a soft, creamy cake can handle. Have a chat with cake maker and see what they can do to ensure a wedding meltdown doesn’t occur.

…So What About Afters?

I recently enjoyed a slice of tasty wedding cake on a beach in Spain the day after the wedding. It was a nice touch by the bride and groom to bring the leftovers down while we all sunned ourselves. This isn’t the norm and I’ve heard of couples taking their cake away on their honeymoon and enjoying it on the first week or month anniversary.


Words By Ann @ Ann Lewis Photography



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