How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Date

This is one of the most important details when it comes to organising a wedding. Most couples start planning their wedding around 18 months before their big day. This gives them plenty of time to get those special venues in far-flung places boxed off after-all they are in high demand and are often booked up far in advance. We’ve invited Andrew from Andrew Boschier Photography to share a few thought on the matter.

Here are some tips towards choosing the perfect date.

1. Seasonality demands significant consideration. You need to know what your theme will be and what country the wedding is going to be. Do you want a tropical themed wedding? Then make sure it’s slap bang in the middle of summer where your planning on having the wedding. PiƱa Colada’s and rain don’t mix that’s for sure.

2. Time of year will obviously affect the budget. Greater discounts are to be had in the off-season where it is you may wish t have the wedding. Great venues will look good all year round and if the management and the building are versatile enough will be able to adapt the venue to suit the weather. Point being will be some great locations up for grabs if you do wish to have your big day in the off-season.

3. Symbolism is becoming increasingly incorporated into wedding planning. Be it choosing a date that you met your partner or a date that celebrates some other event that is important to either you as a couple or to your family.

4. The holiday periods throughout the year can throw up endless possibilities for locations and themes. We’ve been to weddings right bang in the middle of the Christmas celebrations in New York and even in Dublin on St Patricks Day. It’s an interesting way to make your wedding all the more special.

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