Is a wedding abroad the right thing for you?

It seems everyone has their weddings overseas these days. In the last year alone I’ve been to Mallorca and Santorini and have another in France coming up. It’s great for guests who not only get to enjoy their friends big day but get a holiday to boot. I was curious about the benefits of these weddings and asked around to get an idea about the motivation of people seeking their big day abroad.

The first thing I always hear is that it’s much more cost-effective. From venues to wedding planners, wedding cakes and catering all coming in at way under the cost offered to us in the rip-off Britain we know and sometimes love.

You just have to make a few enquiries at some of the popular wedding venues in your area and what you will find is that the cost for the venue would likely cover an all-in-one package in some beautiful location in the sun. At this point, it becomes clear why destination weddings are on the up.

A common theme in the conversations I’ve had with couples who married abroad is that they felt it gave them great opportunity to realise a dream of a picture postcard wedding, be it in the vineyards of the south of France or the searing beauty of white stoned Santorini. You can understand why these weddings may have seemed unattainable to some and why when looking at the cost saving people are ready to go for it.

As stated above the all-in-one packages the venues offer often have the useful and all too welcome by-product that being the alleviation of pressure and stress from the bride & grooms to be. Most things are taken care of in these packages with the result being a wedding that much more of a relaxing holiday rather than a rushed and anxious experience for all involved.

Words By Caroline White Photography

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