The Way to Pull Off Sexy Time in Your Wedding Reception

The Way to Pull Off Sexy Time in Your Wedding Reception

Congrats on getting married! That’s so exciting! You know what else your wedding day can make you apart from excited?

The overall stress of going aside, when you create it into the big evening, everything about marriage is romantic. You are on your amazing bridal outfit (emphasizing your greatest assets), your new husband or wife seems damn cute, and you also curated this bomb playlist. It appears pretty clear that you may want to get freaky under these conditions.

Not all people are down to wait patiently till we make it into the wedding package, drunk on champagne, and drained from hours upon hours of dance to receive it on.

Consequently, in the event you simply can’t wait and would like to get laid until the night is over, here are a few strategies for pulling off sex in your wedding reception. No conclusion–you would you.

Scope from the place ahead
One great idea from seasoned wedding photographer Rick Dell from Cheshire based wedding firm We Are Wedding Photographers Now is this, if you are reading this, you’re most likely getting married in the immediate future, so you’ve got a place. If you do not, take notes.
Scope out the areas where you could go over as you are checking out areas to get the actual wedding. Apparently, you should not select your venue simply as it’s the maximum sex-able areas (unless that’s a determining factor for you–hey, it is your day!), it simply helps to understand where the possible could lie. You know, for sex.
Perhaps a place has a loony huge coat area with lots of backroom cupboard area where nobody would notice you have disappeared. Maybe there is an elegant powder room with a whirlpool bathtub. Watch and take these qualities into account. And obviously, if you have the reception at the hotel where you are staying, that’s best.

Have a code phrase
You and your spouse or spouse will get dragged through your wedding a whole lot. You will find aunties, uncles, cousins, friends, and friends of friends you need to mingle with and thank you for coming. Establish a code word with your new partner that implies, “Let us do it.” One of you says it, and you can every pretend you need to use the restroom, leave individually, and match up to receive it on until the cake divided.

Our personal favorite: “Something blue.” As in, blue balls. Even though neither of you’ve got balls, it is still funny.

Timing is all about

Timing is completely your bread and butter for pulling off some reception coitus. Do not leave when everybody is paying attention to you or everybody will know you are up to no good.
The top times for reception “sexy time”: throughout your pre-reception wardrobe change and shortly after the daddy/daughter and mom/son dance. The former is fantastic as you are likely in a private space and everybody is giving you a distance. It may be a perfect time to plan to have your new partner sneak at the front door for a few sexual seduction.

The next option works because nobody cares about the bride and groom (or bride and bride) to get a solid 30 minutes following the parental dances. It is the cue to everybody that now is the time to begin dancing.

Do not wear panties

Now, this may not be a choice based on your selection of wedding outfit, but if you’ve gone with a traditional bridal dress, this may be doable. If your dress is floor length, it is already going to be trying to lift this up. Cutting panties makes the entire “quickie with no cause” simpler for both you and your spouse.

Bonus points if your spouse can manage to be in the enthusiast also. The nearer to direct skin contact you may get and the more obstacles you may eliminate, the better.

Set the focus on “fast.”

That is (no joke) likely to need to be the quickest of quickies. At another party, nobody would notice you had disappeared for a short time. In your wedding, it is another story.

In the event you and your new husband or wife are gone for over 10 minutes, then people will notice and start speculating as to where you have gone off. On that note…

Have a Good explanation

You are going to want to prep a motive to bounce beforehand. Employing the toilet could operate, but then again, if a person comes searching for you at the bathroom and you are nowhere to be found, fear may backfire.

If you have timed this entire thing correctly, you need to be ready to go. In the event you decide that following the dances is the best choice, consider a reason why you would want to leave for a couple of minutes. Inform your MOH which you will need to ask the caterer a query, which you are taking a breather following a psychological moment, or maybe you wish to catch a Band-Aid for a heel that is secondhand.

Now, go on and have fun!


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