Wedding Report: Santorini

I’ve just returned from a beautiful wedding on The White Isle, Santorini, and wanted to share a few words on why this destination is such a perfect choice for weddings. The searing beauty of this island is something to behold. Traditional buildings almost glowing in the sunlight with the sea blue sky in the background is a photographers dream. So here are three reasons to book your holiday in Santorini.

  1. The Views

Positioned on the crest of a huge sunken caldera the views literally could not be better. The main town nestles at the highest point of the island providing views so gorgeous that they almost burn into your retina. I still have a photographic-like memory of my trip there. In the centre of the caldera. Is another smaller extinct volcano that adds to the uniqueness of the place.

2. Packages

You would be forgiven for thinking that wedding in a place as pretty as Santorini would cost an arm and a leg but you would very, very surprised when you see the prices. Not only will these packages save you a fortune but they will also take some of the stress of you because they will literally deal with everything; from the venue hire, to the music, the food you name it they’ve of it covered. When you consider the cost of a decent venue in the UK can cover a whole package in Santorini it’s a bit of no brainer.

3. Activites

If you feel up to it there’s plenty to do on the little island. There’s a great wine tasting tour if you’re into that sort of thing which I highly recommend. If you feel like going for dive in the caldera there’s also a number of Scuba diving companies willing to make it happen. Also if you’re  a bit of a history buff there’s an excellent excavation site that has an active dig to uncover old Minoan artefacts that are buried under the volcanic ash that also brought to an end the Minoan civilisation.

Words By Daniel Charles @ Daniel Charles Photography


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